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    Bolted toprope anchor setup <br />by Chris Philpot
    Bolted Toprope Anchors
    Once you start venturing outside the gym to pull on real rock, you or your climbing partner might not be quite ready to tie into the sharp end, so it’s essential to know how to set up a solid anchor for toproping. Many climbs have two bolts (or chains or rings attached to...
    Julie Ellison at Climbing Magazine
    Top Rope Belay Basics
    How to tie a figure 8, rig a belay device, use belay commands, perform slide belay, and lower a climber on top rope.
    Climbing Tech Tips
    Pre-thread a top rope
    Setting Up an Anchor-Friendly Toprope
    You're climbing outdoors with novice friends, and you want to rig a toprope from a fixed-chain anchor. You’re the only one in the group who can safely install and clean a toprope setup, but you loath having to climb each route twice—once to hang the rope, and once to clea...
    Russ Facente at Climbing Magazine
    Clean a Top Rope and Make a Rappel Backup
    Step by step demonstration of how to clean a top rope and set up a hands-free rappel backup.
    Climbing Tech Tips
    Set Up a Top Rope Anchor with a Cordelette
    Learn how to construct an equalized cordelette anchor for a top rope climb.
    Climbing Tech Tips
    Set Up a Top Rope Anchor with Slings
    Learn how to construct an equalized, double length sling anchor for a top rope climb.
    Climbing Tech Tips
    Make a Sliding X Top Rope Anchor
    Learn how to construct a sliding X anchor and when it is appropriate to use.
    Climbing Tech Tips
    Illustration by Supercorn
    Solo Toproping: Basic Self-Belay Techniques
    When Tommy Caldwell or Mayan Smith-Gobat work a free climb high on El Capitan, the crux may be finding a belayer willing to put in days of duty in an isolated and exposed location. Often, the solution is to go alone, rehearsing the key pitches by solo toproping. Whether y...
    Dougald MacDonald at Climbing Magazine
    Techniques for Solo Toproping
    Which is worse: training on the same old greasy boulder problems or losing your climbing partner in a fight over unmarked gear? Either way, climbing alone is a fact of life. If you want a new way to train or work your latest project without the inconvenience of a partner,...
    Jeff Achey at Climbing Magazine

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