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Surgeon for removing bone after talus fracture wanted!
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By Ole Marius
May 17, 2012

I am a climber from Norway who shattered my Talus in a bouldering accident three months ago. Had a clean non displaced fracture trough the body with minimal involvement of the joints. However I had some crushed fragments of the lateral process, with some small fragment in the subtalar joint.

I was initially scheduled for surgery , but the surgeons decided that conservative treatment was the best option. I am really not sure if this was the right decision. So I have been in a plastic cast for 6 weeks and a removeable cast for 6 weeks. Started ROM excercises after 6 weeks.
Just got the cast removed a couple of days ago and was told to start full weight bearing. Went to the physio the same day, and weight bearing was impossible. He said it was normal, and could take some time for the foot to get used to weight He gave me some excersises and told me to ride my spinning bike as much as possible.
But i cant believe it is supposed to be this painful. Tried to walk in a pool yesterday, and this also hurt like hell on the lateral side. Other than this the ankle feels fine. Almost no swelling, close to full dorsiflexion, but the inversion/eversion is not much.

I have some questions and would appreciate it if anyone had some excperiences/

1. Is it normal to go straight to full weight bearing after three months of non-weightbearing?

2. Weight bearing is extremely painful on the lateral side. I am not able to put 50 percent of my weight on it. It also hurts when i cycle on my exercise bike if i have resistance on. It is a stabbing kind of pain. Is this normal? And how long should i try to weight bear before considering surgery?

3. I am afraid i will need a surgery to remove bone. I have decided to go the US to to do the operation cause of the lack of experience on these kind of things in my local hospital. Basically i am looking for the best surgeon out there and it seems like the US is the place to go...any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Tips for rehab would also be very useful as the only thing the doctor told me was to start walking.

I am really worried about this whole thing and if I will be able to climb and even walk properly again. But seeing some of you guys getting back to climbing and even running is telling me there still is hope.

Any input would be much appreciated!

By FrankPS
From Atascadero, CA
May 17, 2012
Maybe get a second opinion from another orthopedist?

By crankenstein
May 17, 2012
It is not normal, in my rather extensive experience, to go from a cast to full weight bearing without a period of weight bearing as tolerated. I was on crutches for 11 weeks recently, with only partial weight bearing at the end, and now 6 weeks later am just now able to stand on the affected foot with full weight. A good radiologist should be able to tell if you have bone fragments that are causing your pain. I suspect that you will not really know the extent of your recovery until a few weeks have passed and you go through more physical thereapy. Good luck!

By JWong
From Los Angeles, California
May 17, 2012
When I broke my talus and started putting weight on the foot again, I kept my foot in a walking boot also used crutches and gradually stopped and just used the boot. This was probably over a week or two.

Have you been gradually able to put more weight down over time? The first time my foot touched the ground, it was more painful than when I broke it, but this subsided pretty fast and turned into more of a stiffness pain than the shooting stabbing pain.

Sounds like you need a better rehab plan. I did a lot of range of motion exercises. Write out the alphabet with your toes to get your ankle fully rotating around. It's all fine control that you want to get back. Don't give up and do it as much as possible. It pays off in the long run.

Get a therapy band (soft rubber band) to put on your foot to help stretch and rotate it.

Also, it's important to get your toes involved as the ligaments run up and around behind the ankle area. Make sure that lifting your toes while your foot is flat doesn't hurt.

If you are thinking of surgery in the Los Angeles area, check out Kerlan Jobe. They do a lot of work on the professional sports teams in the area (Lakers, Clippers, Kings). My talus surgery was done by Kenneth Jung and he was excellent. I'd highly recommend him.

Best wishes on your recovery.

By amad
Jun 14, 2012
how is your foot now doing ?

I broke my talus during a boulderníng fall 11 weeks ago, dislocated talus fracture, fixed with 2 screws.

I walked with crutches for around 10 weeks, climbed a bit after 8 weeks but no walking. I was told to continue walking with crutches and partial weight bearing for 5 more weeks. But it does not make too much sense to me. I'm walking carefully without crutches for 1 week now and so far so good. The foot is soaring a bit, but no pain.

Those of you who had a broken talus too, when did you start climbing again, how long were you walking with crutches. Could it be worsening again by walking without crutches even if I can almost totally move my ancle and easily put all my weight on the injured foot ?

Thanks for reports :)


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