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Mountain Project API
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By Adam Delaney
From Iowa City, Iowa
Aug 21, 2012
Is there, or are there any plans for a mountain project API. I am in the planning stages for developing/updating a website for the Iowa Climbers Coalition and thought that leveraging the information from moutainproject.com would be beneficial for both communities.

My ideas would include:
- Mapping users to mountain project users to sync profile data like ticks, photos etc.
- Ability to create areas, walls and routes from a remote website
- Ability to contribute to photos from a remote website
- Ability to pull in areas, walls and routes to a remote website

The exposure of an API could promote and build a more comprehensive data set for mountain project and provide a useful tool for developers to leverage data from mountain project.

I would be interested in hearing your ideas and thoughts.

Adam Delaney

By David Barbour
From Denver
Mar 24, 2013
Bump! This interests me as well.

By ml242
Oct 20, 2013
interested as well. This thread popped up the query to see if it already existed.

Are any of you other guys able to help make it?

By John Thimmig
Oct 30, 2013
Has there been any response to this question? I agree there are so many ways mountain project information could be leveraged. If this isn't already in the making it needs to be! I am more than willing to volunteer hours to make this a reality.

By berl
From Seattle
Oct 31, 2013
Wouldn't "leveraging" the database through another site/app be devaluing the one thing that makes MP what it is?


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