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Clark Jacobs Fundraiser
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By Robert Fonda
Feb 26, 2013
Some of you will remember 2008 when Clark experienced his first battle with cancer. He had been in remission for several years, but recently cancer has returned and is now in stage 4.

Climbing in Southern California for over 35 years, Clark has many first ascents at Taquitz, Suicide and Joshua Tree. His most valuable contribution to our community has been his decades of guiding climbers and honoring and passing on local climbing ethics that have kept these areas safe and available to all.

Generously mentoring young climbers, offering beta to visitors, rescuing many injured or stranded climbers at great risk…. Clark Jacobs sets an example we can all aspire to.

Medical insurance is covering most of Clark’s current treatments, but he is unable to work now and needs our help with his daily needs for food, trips to the hospital etc.

Please click on the link below to send a credit card donation through The Friends of Joshua Tree.




You may also mail a check directly to Clark at the following address:

Clark Jacobs PO Box 1653, Idyllwild CA 92549

Please, let’s show Clark that our community cares.

also share up to your network in social media, gyms, and even (gasp!) in person or snail mail! Clark has given so much to us, let’s return the favor.

By Robert Fonda
Feb 26, 2013
Hey admins, any chance we can get this as a sticky for a while? Also, I posted in the Josh forum, but Clark is well known in Idyllwild as well.


By Jason Kim
From Encinitas, CA
Feb 26, 2013
Descending Cox Col (Bear Creek Spire). Photo by Ry...
Bummer... I crossed paths with Clark at Suicide about a year and a half ago. My partner and I were practicing for our first multi-pitch and he hung out for a bit.. Then we ran into him later that eve and we shared a beer or two. He gave us some good tips and had some interesting stories. Sending positive thoughts your way, Clark!

By William Domhart
From Ventucky, CA
Mar 4, 2013
Traverse by HWY 41 Cave
Bump for a good cause...best of luck in recovery...

By Robert Fonda
Mar 14, 2013
Here is the list of donors through the Friends of Joshua Tree site:

Maria Cranor
Phil Gleason
Kenji Haroutunian
David Loh
Colleen McKiernan
Richard McPeak
Grant Meisenholder
David Pylman
Bernadette Regan
Pam Roberts
Ryan Slaybaugh
Randy Vogel
Marvin Walker
David Williams
Dan Zacks
Robert & Hilde Fonda
Steve Swan
Mingo Morvin

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of you folks we raised a little over $1100!! There were some others who sent checks directly to Clark but I do not have their names.

Clark is both very surprised and very thankful for the help!!!!

By energizer
Apr 16, 2013
Clark,hang in there,we love you.Hey, try Poly MVA,it helped my mother with advanced stage 3-4 colon cancer.She did not even have to have chemo after the surgery,good luck to you,Val


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