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Sustainability Campground - Shelf Road

Submitted By: John McNamee on May 1, 2013

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The Shelf Life Project Team has just released a new video providing details of the project and also an important message for sustainability.

Donations are also being sought.

Shelf Life Campground

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By Tom Maceyka
May 1, 2013

Congrats on an awesome sustainabity adventure. we hope it can work!

By captchaos
From: Gumbyville, CO
May 3, 2013

This sounds interesting, but whenever I hear a development proposal talk 'sustainability', I have to start sifting through a few questions.

Can you please clarify where the campground is? I like the thinking, but it seems counterintuitive to have to drive groups of people up that road a little further and call it sustainable - will you be responsible for the improvement, maintenance, and upkeep of that road past Cactus which now only serves a few folks that own seasonal lots back there (at least one of them I know is a climber). I mean, large campsites with that many people - I think the math will compute to the days when we all drove up that road in varying conditions to access Cactus, Cash Wall, etc., and that is a grim proposition considering how many more users now rely on that walk from The Bank - a vast improvement on the safety and comfort of everyone accessing the area.

In this way, and with all due respect, I'm trying to understand how this is more than just a commercial venture by some very bright entrepreneurs I might add, to build a new campground to serve Shelf Road environ and how the location of that venture might be more suitable closer to The Bank/Sand Gulch area.

Don't get me wrong - I think at times The Bank is fully getting worked over by too many people (just look at the trees getting chopped at each site worse every year) - but, let's call a spade a spade here.... What you are proposing is a private campground, correct?


By Kaleb Brown
May 6, 2013

Please see our forum thread and my reply.


Thank you,

Co-founder "Shelf Life Campground"

By captchaos
From: Gumbyville, CO
May 10, 2013

Adding more camping and more people will truly make Shelf UNSUSTAINABLE, but these guys seem to want to press on no matter what anyone says (i.e. thanks for your opinion and unless you support our project, we don't care). They were on the radio today gathering support with their sustainability whitewash talk.

In reality, the land they are interested is not zoned or approved for this type of commercial use and isn't designated by the adopted master plan for this area, so the developers need to ask permission from a few agencies including the County. Speak up, people, submit your comments and valid concerns about road safety, traffic, and other issues to Fremont County.

Send letters and or emails with your concerns regarding "SHELF LIFE CAMPGROUND PROPOSAL" to:

Bill Giordano
Planning Director
Fremont County Planning & Zoning Department
615 Macon Ave, Room 210
Canon City, CO 81212

email to: planning@fremontco.com
and the County Engineer: don.moore@fremontco.com

call Fremont Planning with questions at: 719.276.7360

And the BLM office:

Royal Gorge Field Office
3028 East Main Street
Canon City, CO 81212

email: dadamic@blm.gov (Denise Adamic, Public Affairs Officer)
email: kberger@blm.gov (Keith Berger, Office Manager)

May 13, 2013

I would like to thank "captchaos" for this information. I would warn anyone interested in contributing to this project: these two DO NOT OWN nor do they have any PURCHASE AGREEMENT with the owner of the two targeted properties in Cliffside Heights.

May 13, 2013

P.S.: WARNING: You appear to have been trespassing on OUR property when you were videotaping your "promo", and you DID NOT have our permission to be on our lot. No trespassing signs are posted for the entire private area known as Cliffside Heights.

Nor, apparently, did you have permission from any other property owner(s), PARTICULARLY the current owners of the two lots you are raising money to ruin with your little enterprise.

The CURRENT owner of those two lots claims there is no plan, contract, or proposal in place for the sale of these lots and has no plans to sell them to anyone "incompatible" with the current owners and the area.