shakespeare's coner
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Submitted by: jay.kalamazoo
Private property, University Property...etc.
as with all buildering you are operating at your own risk. Each area has its own " bust potential." A bicycle will assist in traveling between areas.

move one: "pull up bar" to ledge left or right.
move two: foot on bar, move to large window ledge.
move three: nice hand hold on top of window ledge, move to next "pull up bar".... and then....keep going to the top.

getting down off the building is another task...move north about half way down the building..lower to light, hop to patio.
south west corner of the shakespeare building. down town kalamazoo.
at least one pint of beer from the pub might give you the courage to go for it. A soberish spotter is a good idea.
Beginning move
Beginning move

second move
second move

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