Drifter's Escape
V2 5+ (avg: 3.0 / 9 votes)
Submitted by: Anthony Baraff
Start with your hands underclinging the sharp arete that rises up and right. Use any thing that you can get your hands, feet, knees or hips on to ascend up to and over the nose. You're not free yet. Hump your way over the nose to the top out to complete your escape.
The left side of the Blasted Rock. (See Beta Photo)
Pad. Cup?
The Blasted Rock in the Boxcar Area: 1. Drifter
The Blasted Rock in the Boxcar Area: 1. Drifter's Escape (V2), 2. Blasted Rock Crack (V0), 3. Blasted Rock (V1), 3a. Blasted Rock Variation (V0), 3b. Blasted Rock Variation (V0), 4. Blasted Rock Slab (V0), 5. Boxcar Arete (V8)

Fun mantle!
Fun mantle!

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