Ballard Park (closed)
Submitted by: Jeff Sawicki
Closed to Climbing until further notice
City of Newport (Park’s authority) passed an Ordinance on 10/27/2010 banning rock climbing.
An old quarry wall thats hidden across from Rogers High School in Newport. Not seen from the road, but once you walk into the trails, you notice it goes up hill. Take that path to the top of the wall and rap down, or walk down the east side to the bottom.

Usually not crowded, maybe sometimes on weekends when the locals go in. Sometimes look out for high schoolers leaving the school around 2pm. Quiet area, clean minus some grafiti on the rocks and broken glass at the bottom.

Routes vary in difficulty. Almost all can be set up Top rope, there are several routes that can be trad, and one has older bolts that I have yet to try
Getting There
Head into Newport down Bellvue and turn right onto Ruggles. Park right across from the Rogers high school in the dirt. Take the trail into the woods and up the hill
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