Laurel Falls
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This south facing cliff offers mainly 5.12 sport climbing on high quality stone. The white rock is smooth to the eye but somehow very very sticky for the hands and shoes. The main section of the wall is unique with sloppers, handjams, and sidepulls on face climbs. There are also some classic cracks so bring a rack too.
Getting There
Take HWY 27 North to Dayton and turn left at second red light, which will be north 378 (South Market street) about .4 of a mile and turn left on Delaware Ave (just across from Robinson Manufacturing Co.). After turning left on Delaware Ave follow it for approx. a mile and cross hwy 30 and continue on for 1.3 miles and you will see small white church on right called Bethel Holiness church, entrance on left. Look for Laurel-Snow sign. Follow gravel road to parking lot and you will see the trail head and Kiosk.
Now hike along the wide trail next to the kiosk. Look at the map too. This hike is roughly 45-60min but not brutal at all. You will hike straight on flat ground for the majority. Then you will see a brown sign to cut 'right, back and uphill' to laurel/snow. Follow uphill and you will see another brown sign to split snow and laruel. Follow the laurel falls arrow through giant boulders and swichbacks all the way up to the cliff.

The routes are 100yd+ left of the falls. Once you see the falls, follow the trail left until you stand below bolts and cracks.
Sign at the entrance of Laurel-Snow
Sign at the entrance of Laurel-Snow

Rules and regulations for Laurel-Snow
Rules and regulations for Laurel-Snow

Brad "Stonyman" Killough  May 13, 2012
Remember that the park closes at dark. During summer, watch out for snakes.

Rockery Press  Oct 13, 2014
Laurel Falls Free Day Guide
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You can download a FREE Laurel Falls Day Guide from Rockery Press by clicking on the following link:

Laurel Falls Free Guide includes:
Driving & Approach Beta
Rules & Recommendations
Several days of route descriptions and recommendations

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