Green River
Submitted by: Joe Ballent
Located about 6 miles outside of the town of Green River in southeastern Utah is a small hill topped by a radio tower. The south side of this hill boasts a little-known boulder field, and a 20-25 ft sandstone tower provides some fun Top Rope lines. The tower is about a 2 minute walk from the radio tower.
Getting There
From Moab, take 131 North to I-70 West. Follow signs for Green River.
The Bookcliffs.
The Bookcliffs.

Find these and enjoy some new routes!
Find these and enjoy some new routes!

View of Crow
View of Crow's Nest Tower from the Radio Tower. Looking West- note the San Rafael Swell in the background. From the point where this photo is taken, the tower is about a 2-3 minute hike.

Matthias Holladay  Nov 9, 2008
Great climbing on Wingate downriver... Trin-Alcove, the Gooseneck, and many other places have superb climbing. Pack a boat or two and have a backcountry/river-trip/climbing experience!

phil wortmann  May 11, 2009
any info on climbing in Deso?

tenesmus  May 11, 2009
there can be some bouldering here and there but most of the rock is non-conducive. Better to just enjoy the float and bloat. The wind will keep you pulling on your oars enough you won't miss a thing.

Matthias Holladay  Mar 3, 2011
dont kno what crack you sunk your hands in
what ow you flared ~ what mantle you palmed
but the rock here can be right
and quite conducive
did you not see the words of fools
who took the fotos
who wrote their paragraphs ~ who pimped themselves
for magazine profit $$??

the rock
i kno
n they kno
n you kno now
don't you?

grk10vq  Mar 4, 2011
i couldn't have said it better myself.

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