Cedar Bluff
Submitted by: Jon Richard
Nice shady place. Fun face climbs.
Getting There
From the south, take Interstate 24 north or Interstate 57 north.

On Interstate 24, go to Tunnel Hill Road, west (left) to Rte. 37, left to Buncombe (a small town, easy to miss), turn right (west) at Main street, go about a block to Lick Creek Road; make a right onto Lick Creek Road and stay on it until you come to Cedar Grove Road on your right (a sharp right turn).

From the south on Interstate 57, go north to Lick Creek Road.

From the north, get to Interstate 57, go south to Lick Creek Road.

From Interstate 57, on Lick Creek Road, go east to Cedar Grove Road on your left (almost immediately after passing Draper's Bluff on your left).

Take Cedar Grove road to the church, park in the lot, to the right side (be nice, quiet, and polite) as far from the church as you can reasonably get; don't use the outhouse. Follow the trail to the cliff.

You can easily get to the Draper's Bluff parking area by going back to Lick Creek Road, and going west (right) a short distance. To get to Ferne Clyffe State Park, go east (left), to Buncombe, then north (left) on Rte. 37 to the Park entrance. You can also get to Jackson Falls by going further north on Rte. 37, to Tunnel Hill Road, east (right) to Hwy. 45, east (left) to Ozark Road, etc.
Nick on Schoolyard Blues.
Nick on Schoolyard Blues.

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