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Sedona Rocks! A Climbers Guide

David Bloom, Erik Wolfe Rock Solid Publishing
The most recent guide, as well as, the most comprehensive guide for Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Includes the Overlook, the Doctor's Office, the Waterfall, and much more.

A Cheap Way To Fly

Tim Toula
This is Tim Toulas classic guide from the early nineties. It covers a lot of the original routes in NAZ, as well as covering some of the early history for the area.

A Better Way To Die, A Climber's Guide to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon

Tim Toula
Another of Tim Toula's cult classics. This early guide provides a lot of history to the Sedona area, but is a poor substitute for more modern resources. That said, many adventures started with this book in hand! Thanks Tim.

Paradise Forks Rock Climbing

David Bloom
This is David Blooms guide which has over time become a staple for many a Forks climber. Very little development in the canyon since this guide.

Castles In The Sand: A Climbers Guide To Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon

David Bloom
David Blooms first guide to Sedona. A good book to have.
Cover of Jacks Canyon Sport Climbing

Jacks Canyon Sport Climbing

Deidre Burton

Published in 2009 by developer Deidre Burton, Jacks Canyon Sport Climbing is the most accurate and complete guide to Jacks Canyon. In 160 pages with black and white photos the book details 300 routes ranging from 5.5 to 5.14. The Asylum and Lost World areas are included.